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Configuration evaluation of 2021 LG gram Silver Edition, how about the parameters of LG gram small G Silver Edition

2021 LG gram newly launched several notebooks, configuration, performance and interface have been upgraded. Let's take a look at the screen appearance, quotation and configuration parameters of 2021 LG gram to see if it meets your requirements

I. screen appearance:

1. In terms of screen, this 2021 LG gram is equipped with an excellent original LG IPS screen panel. The LG gram 17 is a top-level quality with a 17 inch 2K resolution. Compared with the traditional 1080p screen, it has a clearer and more accurate look and feel in color restoration and font display. The 16:10 "office golden ratio" has 11% more display area than the 16:9 ratio screen, and more content is displayed on the same screen, which helps greatly improve office efficiency

2. In terms of design, the whole LG gram series has implemented the simple and soft design philosophy, and only the smart "gram" silver hot words are retained on side a, with high brand recognition; The entire a, C and D sides are in elegant silver gray color matching, and the B side is a very narrow black frame, which neither jumps off too much nor feels dull. It is an impressive integration

3. View detailed screen and appearance design features on JD commodity page

II. Quotation:

1. During the usual operation and learning process, LG gram 20 has 21 14 inch models, 11 generation i5 + 8GB memory + 256gb SSD, with a hand price of 7499 yuan

2. LG gram 2021 16 inch, 11 generation i5 + 16GB memory + 512gb SSD, the price on hand 8 basic 3. The installation of dynamometer is not level, and the quality is 999 yuan

3. LG gram 2021 17 inch, 11 generation i7+16gb memory + 1TB SSD, with a price of 11999 yuan

4. For the latest activity quotation, it is recommended to go to for official inquiry.

III. each link of all processes will have an impact on the strength results. In terms of configuration parameters:

2021 LG gram is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core mobile processor, including ig7, ig7, and lpddr4x 4266 high-frequency memory, fully releasing the performance strength of the new architecture! At the same time, the 2021 LG gram series has also obtained the Intel Evo platform certification, with advanced functions such as fast wake-up, long-term battery life and fast charging. Coupled with the standard high-capacity battery of the whole series, it is enough to support a full day of office and learning time

IV. summary: suitable use:

generally speaking, this 2021 LG gram Silver Edition is a light and thin book that is very suitable for daily office and carrying out. It has high requirements for endurance. Friends with the above purposes deserve your attention

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