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2020 central and Western instrumentation and laboratory equipment International Expo

2020 central and Western instrumentation and laboratory equipment International Expo

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2020 Midwest instrumentation and laboratory equipment international exposition

opening date:

end date:

Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center

exhibition overview:

organized by the intelligent instrumentation and control network branch of China instrumentation society, southwest science and technology testing technology innovation strategic alliance, Chongqing automation and instrumentation society, Chongqing analysis and testing society Hosted by Weishi International Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and other units, the 2020 Midwest instruments and laboratory equipment openly solicit excellent lightweight achievements for the whole industry for the International Expo. The wood plastic material manufacturing technology has been listed in the technical policy outline for comprehensive utilization of resources in China and the development plan for strategic emerging industries. The conference will be held in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 26 to 28, 2020. At the same time, the science and Instrument Exhibition will hold the 2020 third-party inspection, testing and certification institutions International Expo and forum, and the 2020 26th central and Western instrumentation and measurement control International Expo

exhibition scope:

I. scientific instruments and laboratory array:

1. Various analytical instruments, optical instruments, laboratory instruments and equipment

2. Measuring and testing instruments

3. Near infrared spectroscopy technology and equipment

4. Embedded digital signal processing devices

5. Geological instruments, surveying and mapping instruments

6. Food, drugs and agricultural products detection devices

7. Electronic testing instruments and electrical instruments

9 Virtual instruments and software

10. Food rapid detection technology products, reagents and software

III. third party detection service organization matrix:

1 Testing, inspection and certification institutions, third-party testing service institutions

2 National laboratories, municipal laboratories, Institute laboratories, university laboratories and enterprise laboratories, etc.

3 Scientific R & D research institutions, research institutes, research centers, control centers, etc.

II. Industrial instrumentation and intelligent manufacturing series matrix:

1. Digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing systems and solutions (numerical control devices and units, digital workshops, intelligent factories)

2. Industrial robots and automatic control systems (DCS, PLC, IPC)

3 Advanced industrial automation instruments (temperature, pressure, flow, material level)

4, fieldbus and industrial interconnection communication and safety system

5, high-end precision machinery and equipment

6, sensor and wireless sensor network system

7, intelligent control valve and actuator

8 Industrial control system information and network security technology and service device

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