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ZTE ranks first in the 2020 innovation index report of Chinese listed companies

according to the Shenzhen business daily, a few days ago, the school of management of Zhejiang University and Shenzhen news communication think tank of Shenzhen newspaper group jointly released the 2020 innovation index report of China's listed companies. The report shows that ZTE is among the top 10 Chinese Listed Companies in the 2019 innovation index, ranking first

▲ top 10 Chinese Listed Companies' Innovation Index in 2019

the 2020 China Listed Companies' innovation index report selected 2146 A-share companies as the evaluation object. Based on the two-dimensional innovation index evaluation system composed of innovation power and innovation efficiency, it was launched that the seismic force generated on China's A-shares in 2019 was only about 1/3 of the original top 500 companies' innovation index, top 200 innovation power and top 200 innovation efficiency, and Conduct in-depth analysis on the industry and portfolio income, so as to let everyone know the characteristics and regional distribution of innovative companies, and whether there is a correlation between the company's innovation index and investment income

it is understood that since 2015, the school of management of Zhejiang University has taken China's A-share listed companies as a sample to prepare and publish the index report on Innovation Experiments of China's listed companies year by year

in terms of index structure, it tries to overcome the problem that most of the existing innovation index evaluations highly depend on the subjective judgment of experts in the selection of evaluation indicators and the generation of evaluation weights, and it is more concerned with the domestic experimental machine manufacturers' attention to R & D investment, patents and other technical factors, rather than non-technical innovation (such as business model innovation), And pay more attention to the quantity of innovation output (the scale of innovation input) and ignore the quality of innovation output (such as the utilization efficiency of innovation resources)

* the content of this article is extracted from: Shenzhen business daily

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