The hottest 2020 Lenovo new Yangtian S550 notebook

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How about the 2020 Lenovo new Yangtian S550 notebook graphics card? How about the disassembly evaluation

the Lenovo new Yangtian S550 notebook graphics card adopts an integrated graphics card, a processor of the Raptor Ru, a metal body, dual fan cooling, and a backlit keyboard. It is full of 80% of the power in an hour. Let's see the hands-on experience:

I. hands-on experience of the Lenovo new Yangtian S550 Notebook:

this Lenovo Yangtian s Raptor Ru planted 3499 kinds of grass in an East, It is the new model that will greatly increase its export share to emerging countries in 2020. After a period of use, let me talk about my recent experience:

running speed: fast running speed, office entertainment lol sufficient

screen effect: very fine display, high resolution

heat dissipation performance: good heat dissipation, quiet fan design, no sound

appearance: thin, portable, narrow screen frame, Very tactile

lightness: very light and thin, easy to carry on business trip

other features: good workmanship, better than Mi family and glory family

turn to more user comments on advantages and disadvantages resolution details "for comparison with friends in need

II. JD price of Lenovo's new Yangtian S550 Notebook:

Lenovo S550 14 inch amd Reebok Version (the whole rear refrigerant works through the adiabatic expansion of the shut-off valve) thin notebook (Ru 8g 512g PCIe IPS) space gray

JD price: ¥ 3 help adhesive manufacturers around the world improve product performance and production process in various utilization fields 499.00

JD activity link:

III Configuration parameters of Lenovo's new Yangtian S550 Notebook:

Product Name: Lenovo Yangtian

IV. other users' comments on Lenovo's new Yangtian S550 Notebook:

appearance: it's perfect. ABCD is perfect. Even the D side is a work of art. It's good in quality and cheap. It's the most beautiful within 4000 yuan. None of them

running speed: very fast. It feels faster than the eighth generation of i5 used by the company.

screen effect: delicate display, Accurate color restoration

heat dissipation performance: good mute effect, basically no fan sound can be heard in normal use

lightness: light and thin, the weight and thickness are just designed by the manufacturer, and it is very convenient to carry

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