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How about the 2020 Huawei matebook 13 notebook cherry pink gold? An East ¥ 5999 usage evaluation

2020 Huawei matebook 13 notebook cherry powder gold has been officially launched. At present, there is news in Huawei Jingdong Mall. It will be March 8 soon, and you can rush to buy it online at that time. Let's take a look at the configuration and price:

1. Configuration and experience:

Huawei matebook 13 2020 cherry powder gold is the latest model in Huawei's market for cleaning Universal Experimental machines, The appearance color is very suitable for girls. It is still a good gift for girlfriends. The fashionable and beautiful appearance is also in line with the aesthetics of modern working women. High resolution touch screen book, IU processor, mx250 2GB independent graphics card, 16GB memory, 512gb solid state hard disk, 13 inch 2160*1440 resolution, 100%srgb color gamut IP will have a lot of returns in the future. S touch screen is 14.9mm thick and weighs 1.32kg. The adapter weighs 196g, which is very light for girls. 2K screen is very comfortable. The touch transfer function is too convenient for me who often need to use the computer to transfer files! In short, it is recommended

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Huawei matebook13 2020 model

I. Huawei matebook13 2020 model JD event price:

JD price: ¥ 5999.00

JD event link:

Huawei matebook13 2020 model

II. Configuration parameters of Huawei matebook13 2020 model:

Huawei matebook13 2020 model

III. Huawei matebook13 2020 model other user comments:

super love, appearance I thought it was the same as last year, but I was wrong, The touch screen is super textured, so is the whole. In terms of performance, the office is very smooth. I haven't experienced the game yet. It should not be bad. The new CPU plus 16g memory plus is a lever!!! Very thin, small and convenient

Huawei matebook13 2020

snapped up this computer. Although they didn't get a gift, they still decided to buy it. I believe JD's delivery speed! The low-density computer runs very fast when turned on. It has a very high appearance value. It is light and thin. It is suitable for carrying around in office. Office activation is relatively smooth. It is a very good notebook. It is used in conjunction with Huawei mate30. I believe Huawei's quality supports Huawei

Huawei matebook13 2020

super fast boot thief. This computer is very good in all aspects. The 2K display feels invincible. The touch screen is very cool. I love it. I feel that my appearance is very high and beautiful. It is small enough for us. It is light enough. I feel that everything is very good. I like Huawei. There is basically no delay in touch transmission. Playing games is also very cool. Although there is no Dolby sound effect, this sound effect is also very good. Support and Huawei

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