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The 2020 Siemens realize live user conference was launched in the "cloud" on November 11-12. The 2020 realize live user conference of Siemens digital industrial software in Greater China was held online for the first time. As an annual event in the field of industrial software, this conference, with the theme of digital intelligence today and shaping the future, connected industry experts, partners and customer representatives in various fields of Siemens' digital industrial software. Through more than 160 professional speeches and ten special forums, it focused on the new features of digital transformation under the new normal of China's economy, and directly addressed complex problems such as system engineering construction and business process reengineering, Decrypt the future of industrial digitalization in combination with the new infrastructure background

five strategic measures boost China's new digital infrastructure

in the face of the economic impact and industrial upgrading demand brought by the epidemic, accelerating the construction and layout of new infrastructure has become an important driving force for China to build a digital economy. Liangnaiming, senior vice president of Siemens' digital industrial software and managing director of Greater China, said in his opening speech that in order to rapidly and steadily promote the construction of China's new digital infrastructure, we must simultaneously consolidate digital R & D and digital chemical plants, which is the core value of Siemens' digital industrial software xcelerator digital twins

in order to respond to the new infrastructure strategy of the Chinese government and help Chinese enterprises achieve meaningful autonomy and controllability, liangnaiming announced the latest 2030 China strategy of Siemens digital industrial software at the meeting, including enabling the core technology development of Chinese leading enterprises; Cooperate with local governments to establish digital economy and intelligent manufacturing innovation center network; Deepen the training of leading talents and engineers; The five major initiatives to strengthen local R & D, serve the world, and open and prosperous partner ecology will comprehensively help Chinese enterprises seize the digital opportunities in the new infrastructure wave. We will continue Siemens' 140 year heritage in China, deeply participate in the internal cycle of China's new digital infrastructure era, actively promote the complementarity and superposition of internal and external cycles, accelerate the digital transformation of industrial enterprises with the help of Siemens xcelerator full stack technology, and contribute to the development of China's new infrastructure. Liangnaiming said

liangnaiming, senior vice president of Siemens' digital industrial software and managing director of Greater China region

in view of the impact of the new digital infrastructure on the intelligent manufacturing industry, Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Huazhong University of science and technology and chairman of the Chinese society of Mechanical Engineering, also pointed out at the conference that the development of the new digital infrastructure will provide a new digital environment for intelligent manufacturing, Intelligent manufacturing will also reverse the process of new infrastructure construction. In this process, Li Peigen believed that the application of digital twins would become the new generation of manufacturing with the support of 5g, industrial Internet platform and other core technologies. The association of thermal insulation material manufacturers seemed to be a bold decision and a significant demand for this organization that focused on hard bubbles in the past 51 years, The combination of Siemens' leading digital twin technology with its low code development platform mendix and the open IOT operating system mindsphere can form a benign Siemens software ecosystem and bring a wider range of users into the it/ot integration process

Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Huazhong University of science and technology, and chairman of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, innovated to learn how to install and operate a concrete pressure testing machine from people, and took the reform as a reference. The continuous implementation of new infrastructure has put forward higher demands for the coordinated promotion of industrial applications, and how to help enterprises achieve rapid transformation from top to bottom in application, And continuously improving the innovation capability of enterprises is also one of the important topics of this conference. According to Tony hemmelgarn, President and CEO of Siemens digital industrial software, transformation is both an urgent task and an opportunity. Tony hemmelgarn described Siemens' people-oriented innovation with rich industry applications: from how the Chinese brand Mengniu uses data to improve the control and management of food safety risks to the overseas company bye Aerospace's 7-day remote realization of the digital twins of the new generation of electric aircraft. In the process of helping customers achieve their goals, this innovation has also become an important driving force for Siemens to achieve self innovation and iteration. Technology can make people have a meaningful impact on the world. And we are reshaping innovation to meet the changing needs of all mankind. Tony hemmelgarn read

Tony hemmelgarn, President and CEO of Siemens digital industrial software, in order to help industrial enterprises effectively deal with multiple digital challenges, Siemens launched the xcelerator solution portfolio in 2019. Bas Kuper, senior vice president of Siemens digital industrial software and managing director of Asia Pacific region, also introduced the product logic and application of xcelerator in detail at the meeting. According to bas Kuper's introduction, xcelerator integrates all the software and services of Siemens' digital industrial software. Relying on the three key points of comprehensive digital twins, personalized and adaptable modern platform, and flexible and open ecosystem, xcelerator helps enterprises take complexity as the driving force, accelerate the digital transformation cycle, and release the powerful industrial network effect. In its composition, Siemens' low code development platform plays an important role in making the entire PLM system more integrated. At the same time, it can help enterprises integrate tasks and information from all sources with the help of customized applications and intuitive interfaces, breaking the island between business and it

bas Kuper, senior vice president of Siemens digital industrial software and managing director of Asia Pacific region, joined hands with leading forces in digital transformation to deepen the nine vertical fields

in the agenda of the two-day conference, experts in various fields of Siemens digital industrial software also joined hands with industry guests and partners to focus on automobile and transportation, electronics and semiconductors The digital transformation technologies and applications of nine industries including industrial machinery and heavy equipment were exchanged, and the cutting-edge innovation ultradur b4450 G5, such as NX sketch, an artificial intelligence CAD sketch drawing tool, solid edge that helps cutting-edge manufacturing, and manufacturing cloud solutions, was demonstrated to effectively avoid electrolytic corrosion

the relationship between the induced displacement and the force value is: the whole machine tilts or the oil return is too fierce during operation, and the impact causes the push plate to loosen or the buffer to fail. In addition, the customer representatives of Siemens digital industrial software in multiple fields also shared their advanced digital concepts and successful experience based on the enterprise's own practice, and made in-depth analysis from multiple dimensions, such as intelligent manufacturing, product design and manufacturing workflow innovation, and the construction of digital chemical plants, Comprehensively understand the ways for enterprises to cope with digital transformation

the open cooperation ecology is the cornerstone of our development, and the outstanding customer success is our driving force. Siemens digital industrial software has been committed to the output and connection of its own capabilities, building the industry network effect, and enabling suppliers, customers, partners and distributors to achieve win-win cooperation. Liangnaiming said that in the future, we will continue to deepen cooperation in China and for China, strengthen research and development, and help promote the high-quality development of China's digital economy

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