5 matters needing attention in bathroom decoration

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Ground: pay attention to waterproof and anti-skid. For the floor decoration materials of the toilet, it is best to use anti-skid floor tiles with raised patterns. This kind of floor tiles not only has good waterproof performance, but also will not be too slippery even when they are stained with water

top: moisture proof and covering are the most important. When decorating the top of the toilet, you should pay attention to prevent water vapor, so it is best to use PVC gusset plate with good waterproof performance. The gusset plate can be installed on the keel and can also play the role of masking the pipeline

circuit: safety first. The bathroom is humid, so you should be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be equipped with safety protection functions. Connectors and pins must not be exposed

daylighting: bright. Generally, waterproof fluorescent wall lamps or explosion-proof incandescent chandeliers can be used in toilets. In terms of lighting, it is better to be a little stronger to make up for the lack of natural lighting

Greening: add vitality. The bathroom should not become a corner forgotten by green. You can choose some shade tolerant and humidity loving potted plants to put in the bathroom, which will make it more angry and less cool here





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