How to save space in small house decoration

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The house is too small. It's not difficult to make the house look bigger. The key lies in the layout and furniture design. When it comes to space utilization, we first need to master five principles. What are these five principles? Next, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will teach you how to save space in small house decoration

the upward development of small house type storage

if the house is high enough, the redundant height can be used to separate the ceiling interlayer, and the folding ladder can be used as the storage room. Tall houses can be made into mezzanine floors, with one or two more rooms

strive for the lower part of small house decoration

use the stairs of duplex and elevated floors to design drawers, shoe cabinets, etc. Increase the height of the bed, and the space under the bed can be designed with drawers and low cabinets. A desk, bookshelf, toy cabinet, wardrobe, etc. are set under the bed of the children's double deck elevated bed. Under the sofa seat is also a place to be used

flexible use of small family storage

in addition to space utilization, furniture has multi-functional uses and is also a great way to save space. Sofa bed, folding bed, folding table, folding table, chair

overlapping use of small family storage

use drawer beds, pull-out tables, pull-out dining tables, double-layer cabinets, drawer cabinets and other furniture, make full use of the clear height of the space, and increase the use area of the room

use the unremarkable dead corner of small house type. It often has unexpected and ingenious uses. The stair treads can be made into movable boards, and the steps can be made into drawers, which can be used as storage cabinets. In addition, the stairwell can also give full play to the function of space utilization. The side against the wall can be used as a display cabinet, and the lower part of the stairs can be designed into shelves and drawers, which has the function of storage





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