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The end of the year is the peak season for decoration. At this time, the owners of decoration have a common mentality, that is, finish the decoration as soon as possible and move into a new house for the new year before the new year. However, even if you are in a hurry, you should avoid the common problem of rush work in the decoration construction project, and pay more attention to details to ensure the construction effect and quality. Here are some details and hidden dangers left by the rush. I hope you won't be so "rush" when decorating at the end of the year

avoid the common problem of rush work in the peak decoration season

every year is the time of the most decoration at the end of the year. Every owner who has bought a new house is eager to finish the decoration before the lunar new year, move the new house and celebrate the new year. Therefore, no matter you walk into any building with delivery, you can hear the beep of the electric drill - the decoration workers are under construction

therefore, in this case, it is inevitable that some decoration workers will rush to work during the peak decoration season, resulting in sloppy construction, and even some irresponsible workers will steal work to rush to work, reduce process procedures, etc., such as reducing the number of times of painting, reducing the number of times of wall polishing, etc

some responsible designers and decoration workers remind the owners that they must not be too hasty in the decoration process. They should be wary of workers stealing and rushing to work. It is best to require workers to do according to the design scheme and construction process communicated with the designer in advance. In case of problems, they should find the designer and project supervisor in time, and communicate and correct them in time




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